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EQ Next

Anyone else tracking Landmark and/or EQ Next?
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Guild News

TOFS x 2 (Bring who you want Raid, critmit 100+ Please)

Thanks to those who attended,, was a fun raid and we did great.
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Guild News

Raid/Holiday Break: From 22 December until the 3rd of January.

Raid Break: From 22 December until the 3rd of January. Hope you all have a Feastive Holiday and a good New Year. Seeya on the 3rd for some epic asskicking.Dunamis
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General Discussion

Its not working!

10:30pm Wednesday, 7 DecemberHas anyone managed to download and start playing the game after the update?Since yesterday, all I get is the Sony initial launch logo and then nothing. Does not even make it to the login screen.
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Guild News

Successful Sneak Peek into Sullon's Spire EM

After killing Giants for months now we decided to have a first visit to Sullon's Spire EM.Ragebourne Gregor Haldane didn't survive our visit of 3 groups - well done all!And once again the reminder to get the crit mit and crit chance adornments whe...
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Guild News

Statue of Rallos Zek down - Initial Release Easy Mode cleared

On December 1st we gave the Statue of Rallos Zek our second try and after adjusting strats we managed to get it down!Well done all! Once we got used to it it actually becomes an easy encounter.Now that we have cleared the Initial Release Easy Mode...
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Guild News

JD enters Hall of Fame

Big Grats to JD (Dubaad, Osheee, Sendayen) for making it into EQ2's Hall of Fame!Make sure to visit Sendayen's Home and look at the fame-worthy interior design he put together!Well done and well deserved!/salute
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General Discussion

Login problem!

Anybody else has problems with login? Soe launcher or game patcher does not recognize either of my accounts, it say invalid password or account name.. cant log into account management either on So website.. should I be worried, if my accounts are ...
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General Discussion

Hopefully good news

just so you know i wasn't around the last few days as my internet was down but its back up now, but i'm having to leave the job im in on the 21th of sept this month and after that i should be able to make all raids again and go more full time real...
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Guild News

The King is dead...

It was the second night we tried King Tormax in Hall of Legends and after a good revision of our initial strat we made great progress. After finetuning here and there and keeping focused we were able to kill him - very nicely done!Again we see wha...
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General Discussion


Hello bros!I'm leaving town for business at 25th day of this month. Going to be awol for 3 weeks and not be able to play EQII during that time. I should be back for sunday 18/9 raid, so see ya all then. But I will have few more raids with you guys...
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General Discussion


Hi de hi campers. How is life in Norrath going? Everyone well I hope?I am considering returning to Norrath and have dabbled a little in the last few days at PQs (not that I remember what button does what). I have not really done anything of sub...
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General Discussion

GU61 - "The War of Zek"

"The War of Zek"PLANE OF WARThe time is near for the great Fortress of Drunder to reveal its true purpose to all. The very bedrock of the Eastern Wastes shudders as a massive portal rips itself open within the fortress walls. The sounds of battle ...
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leveing EQ2

heya sorry to say this but eq2 is now geting to boreing for me and rl keeps me away from raids :( so i have stop my account as off today got till the 6th to play if i need to but i dont see why i will miss you guys heck i mite come back one day...
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General Discussion

A Polite Enquiry

Hi thereA friend pointed me towards your guild after grouping with some of your members and knowing that I am currently looking for a guild thought I might enjoy you guys.A bit of history about me, I have been raiding the last eight months with My...
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Guild News

Modrfrost down

On Sunday we decided to try a new mob and after we finally got our ACT detrimental to show who to cure Mr. Modrfrost went down easily. It went so smooth we zoned out, reset our old instance and zoned back in to kill him again.Grats all on your n...
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General Discussion

Bad News

Just posting on here to let Hal and Alby and the rest of the guild know, first of i'm really sorry but i have had to pick up a part time job back atmy bingo hall as a bingo caller, as my wifes (silverjewel) hours have beenreduced really low and we...
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General Discussion

FAO Halbaradx and Albertine

Halbaradx, Albertine,I just wanted to post quickly to let you know my thoughts on raiding with you guys and the options:Firstly I am enjoying the raiding and REALLY dont mind which toon I bring - if you prefer the Swash for buffs or some other rea...
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Guild News

Kraytoc's Fortress: Cleared

We are very happy to announce our First Destiny of Velious Zone Clearance: The encounter was a nice learning curve and it was great to see that we took only 90 minutes from first pull ever to doing loot. After that we went to Hall of Legends to co...
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Guild News

Eirreen the Broken

Trying to come up with a good pun for our First Kill of "Eirreen the Broken" in Kraytoc's Fortress yesterday resulted in worse than usual jokes... so I spare you those mindnumbing attempts.Well done all, you all made it look very easy yesterday!Ke...
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