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#4658437 Jul 16, 2011 at 09:13 PM
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Halbaradx, Albertine,

I just wanted to post quickly to let you know my thoughts on raiding with you guys and the options:

Firstly I am enjoying the raiding and REALLY dont mind which toon I bring - if you prefer the Swash for buffs or some other reason, I dont mind at all, I'm working hard on him, but atm I will die a lot - I dont mind this if you dont! Littlelennon has helped me with AA which should help a bit.

Atm his CM his 122 and CC is 182, with 30,095 HPs

The other options you have are:

Syddie, pally, 208 CM, 187 CC, 40,391 HPs

Bobpaisley, troub, 231 CM, 243 CC, 39,446 HPs

Like I said, you just tell me which toon to bring and I will come along - I have 9 others btw but they are all as bad or worse than the Swash atm lol.

I am most comfortable playing Syddie of course, he is my first and favourite, but have raided for 9 months on the troub having been asked to change to him, and am still very much learning the swash.

So its totally up to you guys, just let me know which toon you need at any time, the Syds are at your disposal!

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#4664731 Jul 18, 2011 at 10:16 AM
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Hi Stevie,

thanks for the offer!

As you have seen we have quite a few people with very shaky attendance. So sometimes we have to fill a swash slot, sometimes a troub, sometimes an off tank slot.

Having 3 characters that fit all those roles is at first glance great for a raid leader. But of course there are underlying issues we have to take into consideration. The fun the player has with his toon - the need to gear up 3 characters...

When we last spoke we thought we had two troubs (woodwind and somebody else) to fill our troub spot, this has changed.

I suggest we have a quick chat in game. We don't want you to have to focus on 3 different toons.

See you in game!

Halbarad(x) | Guardian
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#4676432 Jul 20, 2011 at 04:23 PM
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I thoroughly agree with the potential issues of juggling 3 characters, but I am lucky enough to need virtually no gear and have max AA on the troub, and not much needed on Syddie either, just a few AA.

By not needing gear I mean gear that realistically we will have access to in the foreseeable future ie Easy Mode stuff.

So, I am confident that I can concentrate on gearing up the swash as he is the weak one of the trio by a long way currently, and I enjoy playing all 3 so there is no issue there either.

But, as you say, we can have a chat in-game some time and see what you want from the Syds.

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